Privacy and security policy

Our goal is to offer and promote a premium service in order to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. Thus, we kindly ask you to carefully read the conditions for the use of the content available on this website. Refer to the Terms and Conditions, as well.


MAGNATA-SHOES.COM website is operated by WSBC, S.A.


The following important points are very important and validate and ensure the security and privacy of the personal data owned by clients who visit us and register their orders.


Privacy Policy

The present Privacy Policy includes personal data that clearly identify visitors who register using the registration for the purpose of ordering our products.


Collection and Processing of Personal Data

At we gather information upon each voluntary registration made by a visitor. The information collected in this way is individually identifiable (personal data).


Upon registration on the website, the visitor is no longer anonymous for us.


Moreover, we collect information on the computer system that was used to access the website and on the visitor’s browsing activity (whether registered or not) for several statistical and marketing purposes:

- Visited web pages;

- Searched products;

- Joining promotional campaigns and contests.


The data collected in this way, whether individually identifiable or not, serve only to decide on sales strategies through the website, not threatening the privacy of an anonymous (or not) individual.

On the website, we use personal data for the following purposes:

- Allow access to restricted areas to which only registered visitors have access;

- Customize contents and advertisement;

- Answer the requests of registered visitors on products and services;

- Inform the registered visitor about products marketed on the website, namely by sending electronic newsletters;


Considering the confidential and individual information, WSBC, S.A. shall not sell or transfer to third parties the registered visitors’ personal data. Personal data shall only be used as part of the services provided by our company and always aiming to improve the service provided to our clients.


MAGNATA will provide information on the registered visitors’ personal data to other companies ou persons only when:

- The registered visitor has explicitly authorized it;

- It is necessary for MAGNATA to supply the products or services requested by the registered visitor. In this case, the given information will be limited to the strictly necessary to supply the service or the product to the visitor. Those companies are not authorized to use the registered visitor’s personal data beyond what is strictly necessary to meet MAGNATA’s request;

- Responding to legal notifications, orders or proceedings;

- MAGNATA considers that the registered visitor acts in breach of the Terms and Conditions or any other specific guideline related to products or services.



The website www.MAGNATA-SHOES.COM uses cookies to manage information.


Change and Delete your Registration

The website www.MAGNATA-SHOES.COM allows the registered visitor to change, at any time, his registration data, including the options complementary to the registration, namely information on special offers and new products and services (sending of electronic newsletters and/or SMS).


Contact us through, or +351 916332000.


At any time, the registered visitor may request the deletion of his registration on, contacting us using the mentioned methods. However, personal data will remain registered during a 30 days period.


Information on the registered visitors’ personal data that remains on our archives after terminating the registration will be provided to you in the same way and by the same methods previously mentioned.


Personal data saved on our computer systems comply all the current European rules and laws.